Fannin County Sheriff's Office

Administration Fee's

Service of process and returned of service                                         $50.00

Subpoena or summons of witness                                                    $10.00

Request for return of Nulla Bona                                                       $20.00

Service of summons of garnishment or rule against ganishee              $50.00

****If more than one, each additional copy will be                                $6.00

Service of Dispossessory                                                                $25.00

Execute a Writ of Possession                                                          $25.00

Criminal History / Background Check                                                $20.00

Expungements                                                                                $25.00

See Adult Detention Center link for additional Jail fee’s concerning firearms and bonding fees.

Fee's subject to change.  Please Contact the Sheriff's Office for up to date price's. 


Thank You.