Fannin County Sheriff's Office

Bonding Information

Cash Bonds- The exact amount of the total bond in cash or certified U.S. Funds plus a $20.00 bond fee. The cash will be held by the Clerk of the court in which the bond was made until such time as the case can be disposed of in court.

Property Bonds- Where a property owner, that owns property in Georgia, puts their property up instead of a cash bond plus a $20.00 bond fee. All persons whose name appears on the warranty deed must be present. If a person on the warranty deed is deceased, a copy of a death certificate and or a quit claim deed must be presented also. Items needed for a property bond are the last year's property tax receipt, a copy of the warranty deed for the property being used and a photo I.D. This bond will result in a lien being placed on your property by the Fannin County Sheriff's Office until such time as the case can be disposed of in court.

Professional Bondsman- Only the Sheriff of Fannin County can authorize a professional bondsman to operate in Fannin County. The Bondsmen that are currently being used in Fannin County are William's Bail Bonding and Smith Bonding Co. These types of bonds require the inmate or their family to call one of the bonding companies to arrange for them to bond out the person in the detention center. The bonding companies require 12% of the bond as payment plus also a $20.00 bond fee paid to the jail. The money used to pay the bondsman is non refundable.

Smith Bonding Company- 706-455-0015, 800-978-9778

Williams Bail Bonding- 706-492-3310, 706-851-4422, 706-633-8394, 706-633-9245

To come off a person’s bond- To come off of a person's bond, the Surety or person who posted the bond must deliver the person on bond back into the custody of the Fannin County Detention Center or some other Jail in the state of Georgia.

Fingerprint Information


The Detention Staff fingerprints all individuals wishing to obtain fingerprints for a job application or a firearm permit at the cost of $50.00(money order only).  Fingerprints can be taken Mon - Fri after 2:00PM