Fannin County Sheriff's Office

Career Opportunity's within the Fannin County Sheriff's Office

     Thank you for taking an interest in the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office. All applicants for any position within the Sheriff’s Office are required to successfully complete an intensive background investigation. This booklet contains numerous release forms, questions, and documents that need to be signed and properly completed so that your background investigation can be initiated. Before completing the applicant booklet, please carefully read the police officer job description to ensure that you are both qualified and committed to the requirements of the job. After reading the job description, complete the self-screening questionnaire.

     The employment process is a very time consuming process and requires many hours of background investigation. Any applicant who fails to complete the required forms and supply proper documents will be removed from the process. Therefore, in order to give every applicant the best opportunity for employment, the background investigation will not begin on an applicant until all forms and documents are returned to the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office.

     It is very much appreciated that you have taken an interest in employment with the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office. The selection process is slow due to the extensive number of hours that must be devoted to each applicant. DO NOT CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT TO OBTAIN AN UPDATE ON YOUR SELECTION STATUS. The department will contact you when appropriate.

Please print, fill out application and return to the Fannin County Sheriff's Office.