Fannin County Sheriff's Office

Fannin County Adult Detention Center

The Fannin County Adult Detention Center is staffed by 16 Detention Officers that provide security for the inmates. The staff consists of Captain Greg Newman, Lt. Jill Huffman, 4 Sgts. and 11 Detention Officers. The Detention Center provides services for inmates as well as the public.


Services provided for the inmates are a 12 step program, drug and or alcohol rehabilitation programs and church worship services, as well as 3 meals a day, made and served by inmate labor which is supervised by Trinity Food Service employees.

Inmate Accounts

Accounts for the inmates are set up at the time they are booked into the Fannin County Detention Center if they have any money with them. Family members or friends can bring money to the inmate to be placed on their account for their use on our automated system located in the lobby, or go online to

Inmate Commissary

Commissary is provided to those inmates that have money on their accounts and are allowed to buy soft drinks, candy, snacks paper, pens and personal hygiene items. Inmates that are indigent are provided with hygiene items and medical services for free.

Inmate Medical

Medical services are provided to all inmates. Within 14 days of their arrival to the Detention Center, a complete medical screening is provided for the inmates. Afterwards if an inmate requests medical attention it is provided at a cost of a $5.00 co-pay to those that have money on their account. Dental services are provided only if the service is paid for by the inmate in advance to a local dentist.