Fannin County Sheriff's Office

BIO - Executive Assistant Jessica Jackson


Each law enforcement agency in the State of Georgia is required to report certain data directly to the state. UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) and GOHS (Governor’s Office of Highway Safety) reports fall directly into this category. Jessica Jackson is responsible for this reporting, along with her other duties as the Executive Assistant to the Sheriff.

As of August 25, 2010, Fannin County Sheriff’s Office became a full service GCIC agency for the first time. Mrs. Jackson is responsible for implementing agency policy concerning the training and use of the GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center) network. She is responsible for initial operator certifications, as well as ensuring all re-certifications are within set guidelines. Currently, there is 12 terminal operators. Additionally, Mrs. Jackson is also responsible for proper validation each month of all records entered into the GCIC network for the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office. This would include stolen or missing items, missing persons, vehicles, and Temporary Protective Orders.

Ms. Jackson is also responsible for the maintenance of the Sex Offender Registry files within GCIC, proper maintenance of all Temporary Protective Orders, compliance with open record requests and processes Writs of Fieri Facias and Requests to Expunge Criminal Records.